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The Game Shows


Teams of 4 compete against each other for points. We surveyed 100 people and came up with the top 7 answers to this question. The game we all know and love and who doesn't love a game show buzzer!

Happy Couple Game

Akin to the Newly Wed Game - Happy Couple Game - It's not just for newlyweds anymore!

Four couples answer questions on their phones and the results are shown up on the big screen for all to see for points. The couple most in-tune with each other and with the most points wins!


Quiz Show

Akin to Jeopardy - an American staple for decades - this is a game where you use your smart phone as your buzzer. 5 category's with 5 levels of difficulty - do you go hard or play it safe - the harder the question the more points to be won. This is more than just trivia questions, this is QUIZ SHOW for up to 10 players (or teams)

The Big Pyramid

Two teams face off in front of a "Pyramid" of six categories. Players will guess words or phrases in a category, based on the description given by their partner. The team with the most points goes on to play in "the winner's circle".

Wheel Of "ILL" Will

Three contestants guess letters to solve a puzzle. But to get the points they will have to face the WHEEL OF ILL WILL!  This is a ridicules gameshow that will have the players attempting outrageous challenges. There are plenty of challenges that involve the crowd, or create your own.


Tipping Point

“Take as many coins as you want, but don’t cross the Tipping Point or you will be eliminated!" Play 3 rounds to get down to just 2 players. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins! (5 players or teams) Each round will start with 1000 coins. The tipping point is a randomly generated number between 1 and 999. So you can play it safe and stay in the game longer, but the only way to win is to go big!".

Take A Chance

Remember "Press Your Luck"? In this game, based on a classic game show concept, three players will try to get the most money by landing on the game board tiles. But watch out, if you land on Captain Jack the Pirate, he will "Jack all your money."

Take It Or Leave It

Choose one case out of 14. As you guess to remove the others cases on the game board, you will get offers for your case. When you get the offer, will you Take it or Leave it?!!